Corporate Objectives: SMI is a development stage company and majority owned subsidiary of Cascade Technologies Corp (OTCBB: CSDT). The company is developing high-resolution, multimode, hyperspectral imaging systems for early and accurate diagnosis of cancer and other major diseases. Our strategy is to directly couple diagnosis and intervention, using advanced biomedical optical imaging systems, that we have developed, patented and will bring to market. The feasibility and performance of our approaches have been thoroughly tested and have been proven in two decades of academic research

Core Competencies: SMI's core competency is the commercialization of optical medical imaging technology that quantifies the fundamental biological state of diseased tissue to guide diagnosis and treatment. This activity requires exceptional understanding of:

  • Tissue optical properties
  • Tissue analytical methods
  • Illumination and sensing technology
  • Production and engineering of medical devices
  • Regulatory requirements for company and devices
  • Disease incidence and mortality (US and other key markets)
  • Disease progression and pathology
  • Current clinical practice
  • Patient needs and perceptions
  • Market need and willingness to pay
  • Emerging funding and reimbursement trends